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Aug 21 '13


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Jul 13 '13

my darling favorite forever

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Jul 2 '13


John deserves the gold medal for cutest expressions.

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Feb 19 '13

i fail at sadstucking

  • Kecky: what is john even going to DO though
  • Kecky: i'm mentally sadstucking already
  • Kecky: "jade said she would be RIGHT BACK....."
  • Emily: WAHHGK
  • Emily: i like... forgot
  • Kecky: me too for a minute
  • Kecky: he's ALL ALOOONE
  • Kecky: ok i'm done
  • Sarah: kristin you FORGOT ABOUT DAVESPRITE
  • Sarah: how could u
  • Kecky: FUCK

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Feb 9 '13

me too jane

meeeeee tooooooo

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Feb 8 '13
updoot artz

updoot artz

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Jan 23 '13

Dirk update..  expressions? O:Match them with the dialogue as you see fit ehehe


Dirk update..  expressions? O:
Match them with the dialogue as you see fit ehehe

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Jan 23 '13

deep update thoughts

dirk you are a funsucking buttmunch!!!!!

i’m genuinely saddened by the idea that a person so emotionally constipated could exist that not even trickster mode could allow them to cut loose. what a SQUARE!!!!!

in conclusion: a good update. laughed a lot. screamed a little. would personally have preferred more making out but understand such preferences do not usually line up with author’s intentions and/or story’s best interest. am now nodding nobly, impressed at own great self-sacrificing storytelling wisdom, while making plans to scrawl infinite trickster makeouts in sketchbook next time tipsy.

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Jan 12 '13

I don’t think….. I liked that update very much

Regardless of intentions or what’s going to happen next, it just seems unnecessary to drag one of the bitterest sources of fandom contention into canon? It’s made people sad and that makes me sad and I want to be able to enjoy all this trickster nonsense without it being overlaid with some possibly-misguided sociopolitical statement. This isn’t like people throwing hissy fits and threatening to LEAVE HOMESTUCK FOREVER because of tricksters being canon, this is a real issue that people are emotionally invested in for reasons way outside of fandom. That was funny, this is just…. uncomfortable to an extent which remains to be seen

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Jan 8 '13

I guess I just love so much that even with all the hundreds of intricate, insightful fan theories all over the internet, Andrew Hussie still manages to throw things in our face that blow everyone’s MIND

and that just makes me really happy because I really really like not having any idea where a story is headed, because it happens so rarely to this degree!!!

so yeah. that’s why I loved this update so much.

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