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Oct 5 '14

Anonymous asked:

hey I completely agree with your opinion about not sellin HS merch because Hussie asked but I do have one question that I'd like to ask since we agree in that fact, What if someone wanted to sell pieces of their retired cosplay or the whole cosplay? and I mean like valuable pieces that took alot of love and time and money and they want to see someone else have a chance to use it, would you condone that one time sale of a cosplay piece?

it is my personal, unofficial opinion that if you can find somebody within your network of friends, or friends of friends, to sell that stuff to, that’s your business! But once you start selling things like that publicly, it is difficult to impossible for someone to differentiate between your listings for one-of-a-kind, used pieces, and a booming online business selling large amounts of mass-produced items - there are so many of the latter and the people searching out those illegitimate businesses don’t have time to research whether or not you’re truly one of them.

So just… be smart about it!

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Nov 5 '13

color-pink asked:

as a weird but not entirely unrelated continuation, I was thinking about this and what do you think about homestuck not being edited in general? I mean, I don't know how much writing ahead and editing hussie does, but alot of the comic was like 10 or so panels churned out everyday. The only instance I can think of where he permanently went back and changed something was the jane peachy joke. I have many opinions on this, but what are yours?


well, i think homestuck would look a lot different if it had been edited. it would certainly be less rambling, but i don’t know, that’s a lot of the charm in homestuck for me. i love that we can see characters go off and have longass weird conversations that don’t advance the plot whatsoever. 

it certainly doesnt make for the best structured story ever but i enjoy it a lot, and honestly im not sure i would trade a better told story for the weirdness and experimental nature of homestuck as it is. thats something that makes it unique.

ahhh this is exactly how i’ve always felt about the storytelling in homestuck!!!

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Oct 31 '13

I’m only mad I’m not in the calendar this year because that means I don’t get a free copy, which means I have to buy it myself, because it’s not like I can NOT own this thing 


people draw good ;w;

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Sep 30 '13

Send me a work of media and I’ll tell you some tropes or narrative kinks that it hits!


it doesn’t have to be an active fandom it can be like anything i’ve ever mentioned being familiar with

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Sep 29 '13

have i mentioned though that characters being CONSUMED FROM THE INSIDE OUT by the OVERWHELMING FORCE OF A POWER THEY CAN’T CONTROL is just THE BEST THING because IT IS

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Aug 22 '13

these are all good pieces of advice

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Jul 8 '13

omg somehow i made that doodle collection explode?? i don’t understand why but i’m so sorry jay ;o;

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Jun 30 '13

but seriously folks

this is the most realistic hope we’ve ever had that john and karkat are about to kiss, and probably more than we will ever have again.

so let’s savor it while we can

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Jun 30 '13

the marchbugs go marching one by one



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Jun 19 '13

baby childs

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