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Sep 19 '14


Page of hope.




Page of hope.


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Sep 11 '14

Anonymous asked:

Except WP are also notorious for going after anything, including stuff with no connection to Homestuck but use a 'suspicious tag.' I've had things pulled from my Etsy without any warning because one of my sample images of my product was my friend's Homestuck cosplay that used my jewelry in it. I didn't tag anything Homestuck specific but someone thought that was enough to pull it anyways, costing me money and traffic.

Well, anon, since you’re anon and I have no way of seeing the listing you’re talking about and judging for myself how innocent it was, I’ll just say that Etsy is the arbiter of what gets deleted or not, so going on a crusade against the IP holder who asked them to delete it isn’t very logical. And I really doubt you lost a tremendous amount of business in the time it took you to make a new listing with a different picture.

I’m turning off anon because I don’t really wish to beat this dead-ass horse with a bunch of faceless randos whose claims may be true or exaggerated or entirely fabricated. I don’t have any desire to continue this ancient debate at all, really, I think I exhausted the shits I had to give reblogging that post in the first place. But if you want to share your sob story, please do it as yourself; I have infinitely more sympathy for people than I do for small gray circles.

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Sep 11 '14

Anonymous asked:

technically it is illegal as you are not allowed to copy/sell something like that without permission and even with permission a lot of times there will be restrictions. It is silly that they're having a bitchfit but copyright laws are copyright laws breh











Lol that doesn’t change that instead of sending them warnings to remove individual Homestuck items they went and slammed the hammer down on tons of storenvys and shut the whole stores down, they’re still treating their fans awfully.

Add this to literally every other incident of the Homestuck fandom being harassed for reasons related to AND NOT related to selling used cosplays (See: Harassment and slamming of bunnystuck group BY THE MAIN PR PEOPLE OF HOMESTUCK, harassment and slamming of people portraying Andrew Hussie as a character in cosplay, the list GOES ON) and you still reach the conclusion of the Homestuck fandom instead of being praised for acting as free PR to get other people to read it and expressing our love for the comic in the ways we best see fit we get treated like we’re the enemies, and pretty soon if we keep being treated like this we fucking will be. Cracking down the wolf cry of copyright ban hammer doesn’t save Homestuck or increase the WhatPumpkin profits, all it does is turn its previously loyal fanbase away from it because they’re being treated like shit, good job WhatPumpkin, good job Andrew Hussie, good job Homestuck.

Oh yes, hello, this happened to me today too!  I really wish someone on Whatpumpkin staff would actually read the relevant sections of copyright law one day, because this is an awful long time to be ignorant of what is ACTUALLY illegal here.  I could understand not allowing anyone to use the “Homestuck” name to advertise handmade items if you really want to be weirdly anal about it for some reason considering fandom works are essentially free advertising.  But copyright law in all but the rarest of circumstances does not extend to clothing.  Ever.  Unless you are printing stuff with copyrighted 2D Kids’ symbols or the word “Homestuck” on it, you are 100% legally allowed to sell your Homestuck cosplay.

Continuing to call it copyright violation year after year and continuing to use their own fanbase to bully/anon harass people into shutting down is ignorance at best, scare tactics at worst.  It’s a really shitty way to treat the fanbase, full stop.

Pretty sure this is covered by the first-sale doctrine, anyway. Just puttin that out there.

Yeah so if anyone gives you heat… Keep this in mind, y’all.

I’m not sure “first sale doctrine” applies in most of these cases as the work in question has to be “lawfully sold or even transferred gratuitously” first.  Which in the case of hand-made cosplay doesn’t apply.  But cosplay sure as shit is protected from this sort of assrumpery under the “Useful Articles” exception.

From the Copyright Office itself: 
Right there on the 2nd page.  Clothing and fashion are not protected under copyright law.  I know they’ve read this.  Back during the whole Nepeta hat business, they were linking all sorts of parts of copyright law.  (Never mind they didn’t actually have a registered copyright until September 2013 (meaning before that they could protest violations, but could take no legal action - it has to be registered to do that)).  

Also, there’s this bit: “

Copyright in a work that portrays a useful article extends

only to the artistic expression of the author of the pictorial,

graphic, or sculptural work. It does not extend to the design

of the article that is portrayed. For example, a drawing or

photograph of an automobile or a dress design may be copy

righted, but that does not give the artist or photographer the

exclusive right to make automobiles or dresses of the same


hey how about dont profit off someone else’s IP when they ask you to stop.

its disrespectful, even if whatever loophole makes it technically legal for some reason. (?) homestuck and whatpumpkin are independently run by a few very hardworking people, not a huge corporation. theyre trying to protect their livlihood.

dont be a dick, respect the creators wishes, and realize that you are not entitled to make money off it??

people are making their own things they should be allowed to profit off of their own art???

its not their own art, its taking someone else’s designs and producing it?

theres plenty of other fandoms whose creators dont care that you can profit off of, i sell fanart merch too! i know how profitable it can be. but i DONT sell homestuck stuff outside of 2D commissions and my official products on the WP store because we were asked not to and its downright disrespectful to just ignore that.

I don’t even like Homestuck so I don’t really care but if you consider the fact that value is created by labor, and the fact that artists put a lot more into their fan works than just the original concept, it is their own art. Plus I’m pretty sure the Homestuck people have used a lot of fan art in the official stuff - and I’m under the impression that they aren’t paying a ton of royalties, if any - so it’s hypocritical for them to make that decree.

Basically it’s only disrespectful if you hold a certain definition of ownership to be true.

ive worked for homestuck as an artist since 2012 and i got paid for the use of my artwork every time so ur example is invalid.

the point stands that if the creator of a thing asks you not to sell stuff based on his IP and you still do, ur a dick. it doesnt matter what ur personal philosophy is about ownership, they said in clear terms they dont want people selling HS merch and if people do it anyways and face social/financial consequences that is their own fault.

like sorry i know its a weird grey area with most fandoms but andrew and WP have made their terms quite clear

Pretty disappointed at some of the people I’ve seen shitting on WP for trying to do their job, especially those claiming that Andrew and his employees should just ask nicer. EVERYBODY KNOWS at this point that sales of homestuck merchandise are not sanctioned by its creator and I really don’t know what those “fans” publicly selling stuff online expected.

Anyone who sells fanart of any kind - myself included - has got to understand that their operation is one C&D away from being shut down. You can NOT run a sustainable business based solely on someone else’s IP.

Do I wish sometimes that I could sell homestuck prints??? Sure!!! But I have enough respect for Andrew and my place in the community to follow his rules and put most of my energy into other fandoms and original work.

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Sep 8 '14


kid equius 
what a weird kid

my heart



kid equius 

what a weird kid

my heart

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Sep 7 '14



Credit to Catherine Huerta for the cover illustration from “The Worst Day of Your Life”, number 100 in the CYOA series, and AlanSchell for the Slimer reference.

the original title is the best fucking part

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Sep 1 '14

Anonymous asked:

I thought I should mention that a post about the critical whale you drew has been going around since the comic was published and now has over 177k notes :0

well hot damn

i think the last time i saw that post it had around 90k? i can’t remember whether or not it had any credit or anything on it though so i don’t know how irritated or pleased i should be

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Aug 22 '14

orangelemonart replied to your post: bluebird-88 said:Top 5 Homestuck …

johnkat yes good

good yes

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Aug 22 '14

bluebird-88 asked:

Top 5 Homestuck characters (or ships, whatev).


i’ll do boTH!!!!

1. john
2. sollux (ehehehe)
3. tavros
4. karkat
5. jake

1. dirkjake T_T
2. roxy/autoresponder TT_TT
3. jade/davesprite TT__TT
4. john/karkat TT___TT

tavros is actually my favorite troll!!!! if i made a list of my favorite trolls sollux would still be in spot #2

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Aug 21 '14

Anonymous asked:

First off. I didn't realize you did art for ParadoxSpace, and so far I've loved the art styles in your two comics the most. Second, I'm really really curious about how you make your eyes so expresive, they look so simple, but when I try to draw eyes it never works out. Thank you!

Hey, thanks!!! 

I think my basic advice for drawing expressions is the same as for anything - practice practice practice - but I’ll try to add a couple things. First, the way I draw facial features is pretty simple now but it’s taken several years of refining to get there! I used to draw, like, every contour of people’s noses, but along the way I learned which details I could leave out.

Make faces in the mirror a lot! It’s extra fun to put two mirrors together at an angle so you can look at yourself from the side or just looking away. And take note of expressions you see on people on TV or out and about - I know everybody’s always saying you should be constantly drawing people on the train or whatever - I’m really bad at doing that, honestly, but I do have a mental file where I keep things that I see and notice, and pull them out when I’m drawing something similar. I’ve still done a LOT of life drawing in my time, and it’s helped me a ton, but sometimes just observing is good too!

Um, the main thing I want to say is pretty hard to describe though… I’ve always tried to like, feel the soul of whatever it is I’m drawing? Whether it’s eyes, or a full-body gesture, or a hand… there’s just this sort of thingness to it I can feel and know whether or not I’m capturing it right or not. I’m not saying I always draw it right, or that I know how to fix it if I draw it wrong, and I have no idea if this is how everyone draws or what. But I do feel like character expressions are one of my strengths and that’s the best way I can describe how I actually do it!

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Aug 15 '14


Homestuck is nothing but a rip off of jumanji 

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